Authorious™ Partners Support For Audio Talented Authors in The Book Slam Room & The European Book Slam Room on the Clubhouse App – Get Into It!

Exciting! I’m so delighted to meld a passion with productive platforms at AUTHORious™Magazine with N.D. “Indy” Brennan‘s “#TheBookSlam room and all-new #EuropeanBookSlam room on the #ClubhouseApp that supports authors, poets, writers and publishers in every stage of the industry! Together we connect, communicate, and celebrate the talent we have for authoring wonderful written and spoken words.

N.D. “Indy” Brennan

Nd. “Indy” Brenna is the: Author of WHAT IF WHITE PEOPLE WERE SLAVES? Connect with Indy for invitational opportunities direct on LinkedIN, or directly in the emboldened Clubhouse app rooms aforementioned, or his website listed as follows his book trailer mention. It’s the official trailer for the most provocative book ever written on American soil. Support the movement by purchasing a book today at

Press Release announcement forthcoming real soon, get into these rooms and stay tuned!

Questions? Contact us via the form below or email: (Our zero-spam policy will be block uninvited solicitations and will be subject to reporting.)

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