AUTHORious™ Magazine Announces B.Y.O.B Book Your Own Book Program Authors Elevating Authors & Writers Get Into Their Pages with Thousands of Viewers

Authorious™ Magazine’s Inaugural B.Y.O.B. -” Book Your Own Book” program is here! Help elevate your book to the next level and get featured in our upcoming 4d digital edition with complimentary exposure to hundreds of thousands of book lovers, and industry enthusiasts.

"Book marketing should be a planned process, an art if you will." – Heather Hart

AUTHORious™ Magazine is proud to announce our Spring 2022 feature promotional event, that will help authors, bloggers, poets, writers, and publishers elevate their exposure with elegance, that’s pr-styled and gets you mega-boosted attention with our hundreds of thousands of book lovers, and enthusiasts.

Book Your Own Book! You’ve worked on your book, now it’s time to promote it with an AUTHENTIC, refined, and elegant author/writer book your own book attention-grabbing marketing, and visibility promo program in our menu listing at

ABOUT AUTHORious Magazine at As authors ourselves, our team knows you’ve got stories most will never read. It’s our dream to bring your author stories and book glories together in our interview spotlighter at AUTHORious™ Magazine!

We don’t want you to miss a chance to place a feature interview with our magazine before the next issues, so email us at: with your interest.

Once we receive your communication we will send you everything you need to know to know, to get ready to go!


The deadline for our next March 2022 #5D Digital Issue publishing LIVE on March 1st, 2022 –  for book advertisers and feature authors expires this Sunday, February 20th, 2021 at 11:59pm CT.

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