Sunday Book Lovin’

Authorious means+ full of published words. Q: What are you most authorious for?

Authorious Magazine asked authors on social media what books they were reading today (sharing book covers only), and here is the beautiful book cover mosaic gallery we created with their shares. To keep the author-centric fun activity going this week, we’ve got a special announcement for those participants tomorrow for Authorious Magazine Monday’s #AuthoriousMagMarvelEvent (use this hashtag to become eligible for randomly chosen author rewards). We’re still loading until 11:59pm ET.

Participating authors are invited to join our monthly Authorious Magazine Author Book Spotlight Membership for enhanced full cover promotion for only $10 for a limited time only. Why? Because the staff at AUTHORious Magazine are authors too and we know that author support, and book life matters! Our monthly subscription members position themselves within our magazine to receive exclusive updates, news and special feature discounts, author interviews, book ads, positions, placement opportunities in our magazine, and more to come in 2022!

Image credit unknown

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